This Mercedes-Benz E-Class limo was snapped driving on a public road. It looks extra long and the windows are tinted a green hue, pointing to a possible Pullman Guard model.

Less than a month ago Mercedes-Benz showed the world its new E-Class sedan at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Now a limousine based on the car has been spied driving on a public road. One question asked at this point in time would go something like "why would anyone hide an E-Class limo under heavy camouflage"? The answer would be "only if it was an official E-Class Pullman." Of course that is pure speculation right now but any other explanation needs serious scrutiny. Independent limo companies simply start a job using an existing vehicle and finish it inside a workshop. They hardly ever venture out into the open for testing purposes like the big manufacturers let alone hide their unfinished work this way.

If indeed this is an E-Class Pullman what can be expected from it is a car stretched to over 5 metres (based on the fact that a 2009 S-Class Pullman measures 6.4 metres) in length. It would be fitted with all manner of passenger-pampering amenities such as DVD screens, plush leather interior, satellite navigation, a powerful sound system and maybe even a bar fridge. The windows appear thick and green leading to speculation that this is a bulletproof Guard version too.


Mercedes E-Class Stretch Limo First Spy Photos