Renault's Twingo will show off over 45 new customization options at the Paris PTS, including new graphics and trim options.

Renault's cheeky and cheerful Twingo was one of the first economy cars to take advantage of its cuteness. With rivals like the MINI Cooper, Ford Ka and Fiat 500 now elevating small-car style to an art form, the Twingo is showing that it's not out of the game yet. At the upcoming Paris Personalization, Technology and Mechanical Sports (PTS) show, Renault will display the Twingo's vast range of available personalization features.

Highlighting the display are two themed Twingo Renault Sports nicknamed Angel and Devil. Representing opposite ends of the Twingo personalization spectrum, these cars both sport 17-inch wheels and painted brake calipers. The two cars are painted with contrasting colors and feature matte and satin color blocks that accent the Twingo's lines. Angel is pearlescent white with matte black and red trim, while Devil is glossy black with satin red and bare-metal trim.

Other Twingo customization options to be shown at PTS include over 45 new freestyle graphics, body-colored hubcaps, custom mirror shrouds, B-pillar trim and fog light moldings and other trim pieces. Renault offers a number of graphics themes, including "La Parisienne," "Eiffel," "Boomerang," "Checkerboard" and "Rainbow." Website details and pricing can be found in the attached release.

The Paris PTS is open from February 19 to 22, 2009, at Villepinte.

Gallery: Renault Twingo Customization Options Shown at Paris PTS