Kia is going ahead with production of a two-door coupe based on the KOUP Concept car of 2008. These spy pictures show a car not far from production-ready, testing on the streets.

The first spy pictures of the Kia Forte/ Spectra coupe have come out. These pictures show a two-door Kia coupe cruising the streets in the best cammo garb that Kia could find. It's a car based on the KOUP concept that was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 2008.

Kia seems to have taken some positive feedback from the KOUP concept judging from the fact that prototypes are already being tested. The codename for the coupe is the Kia XK, a badge probably not likely to survive production as it is already owned by Jaguar.

From what we can gather there will be a few mild styling differences between the KOUP and the final production car. When it's launched it will likely feature engines like a 2.0-litre turbo motor, 2.0-litre and 2.4-litre normally aspirated motors. For the European market a turbo diesel could come into play.

Rumours doing the rounds among the Kia faithful are that the coupe will be on showroom floors by the end of 2009.


2010 Kia Forte/Spectra Coupe Spied