More grip from the tires and a larger contact patch lets the Challenger Demon leap off the starting line.

Dodge’s latest teaser for the Challenger SRT Demon offers more details about how the muscle car transmits its power to the road. An upgraded torque converter with an higher stall speed and 3.09 gearing for the rear axle should allow for hellacious acceleration.

According to the company the new parts allow for an 18 percent increase in converter torque multiplication and about the same improvement at the rear axle. The result is a muscle car with a 35 percent more available launch force off the line than the Challenger SRT Hellcat.

In an earlier teaser, Dodge showed off the special compound of the 315/40 R18 Nitto NT05R street-legal drag radials that send these forces to the road. They wrap around a set of lightened 18-inch wheels. The automaker claims the high-performance components offer a 15 percent larger contact patch than the Challenger Hellcat and allow for more than twice as much grip.

The high-performance engine needs to have plenty of cool air to keep temperatures down when making so much power. In the last teaser for the Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge showed off the model’s massive hood scoop that measures over 45 square inches (290.3 square centimeters), which the firm claims is the largest functional unit to ever come on a production model. The Challenger Hellcat’s Air Catcher intakes in the headlight buckets remain on the SRT Demon, too.

Our best look yet at the Challenger Demon has come courtesy of Vin Diesel. In a video for Fate of the Furious, the muscle car appeared to be sitting right behind star on the set. The body’s combination of silver and black made for quite a handsome devil, too.

There’s still a lot of teasing to go before we get all the details about the Challenger Demon. Dodge has a 14-video campaign underway, and the launch doesn’t come until the New York Auto Show in April.

Source: Dodge

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