Its distinctive style, the result of the creative imaginations of the designers working in the Peugeot Style Centre, will keep all the appeal and excitement of the original concept car alive.

What was clear from internet rumors has finally been confirmed by Peugeot's Director General Mr Jean-Philippe Collin at the Lisbon Motor Show today, the Peugeot RC-Z Concept will indeed go into full production.

The final production model will make its grand world debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, two years after the concept car saw the light of day. The Peugeot RC-Z Concept was received with great enthusiasm and has convinced the marque's decision makers to stay as true to the concept as possible, meaning that they will move away from the traditional look of their coupes.

The RC-Z is one of the first results of Peugeot's CAP 2010 competitive premium strategy. Sales of the 308 RC Z, as it is based on the 308 platform but the name has not been confirmed, are supposed to start in the spring of 2010.

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