Is BBC Topgear getting ready to welcome back the black Stig? A video shows a man dressed up as the black Stig walking out of the sea. It may be a hoax, it may be not.

Here's a completely new angle on the Stig story. Promise. The black Stig is not dead, or if he died he's back from the dead. Back in 2003 black Stig was supposedly killed in a freak car accident where he drove off a military aircraft carrier and plunged his modified Jaguar into the deep blue sea, never to be seen or heard from again. That was until recently when a video popped up showing the black Stig coming out from the ocean and walking on a beach towards a group of guys as they were playing football.

If this turns out to be real and not just another hoax then it means former NASCAR racer Ben Collins was really the white Stig and he's been fired. According to reports anyone playing the role of the Stig must sign a confidentiality agreement stating that he will never reveal his true identity. Should his name become public either through his own doing or that of any BBC Topgear employee then he will be killed off. That's exactly what happened to former British racing driver Perry McCarthy after revealing he was the black Stig.

A few months ago the name of Ben Collins came out stronger and stronger as the best candidate for the identity of the current Stig with one newspaper claiming with certainty that the Stig was indeed Collins.

The video clip doesn't come alone. It is accompanied by a ‘press release' which in part reads: " he survived, nobody knows. Some believe he used the nitrous octane equipment from the Jag to breathe. Some believe he can communicate with dolphins and they cared for him. Has he returned because he can sense White Stig has had his identity exposed?"

Is the black Stig about to reclaim his original spot? Watch and see.