The i5 will allegedly be out in 2021.

Auto Motor und Sport has the scoop on BMW’s plans from now until 2021 during which the Bavarians are going to come out with a plethora of models, some updates of current ones while others will be additions to the range. Without further ado, here is the full schedule as per AMS listed in chronological order:

  • BMW 6 Series facelift – spring
  • BMW i3 facelift – summer
  • BMW 2 Series Coupe and Convertible facelift – July
  • BMW 6 Series GT – 2017
  • BMW X7 – 2017
  • BMW M5 – 2017
  • BMW M2 facelift and M2 GTS – 2017
  • BMW Z5 - 2017
  • BMW X2 – end of 2017
  • BMW X3 – end of 2017
  • BMW X3 M – early 2018
  • BMW i8 Spyder – 2018
  • BMW X1 L – 2018 (a long-wheelbase X1 is already available in China, so the new one must be an international version)
  • BMW M4 GT4 – 2018
  • BMW X4 – 2018
  • BMW 3 Series – 2018
  • BMW X5 - 2018
  • BMW 8 Series Coupe – end of 2018
  • BMW 1 Series – 2019
  • BMW iNext – 2019 (although the official word from BMW is that it will come out in 2021)
  • BMW 8 Series Convertible – end of 2019
  • BMW i5 – 2021

While the list may not be set in stone, it does provide an accurate indicator regarding what’s in tow from BMW in the years to come. Based on this, it seems the 8 Series is really making a comeback and those spy shots of sleek coupes and convertibles do depict the return of the “8” rather than a next-gen “6.” As a matter of fact, the latter is getting ready for a facelift this spring and will be followed months later by a first-ever 6 Series GT, which will essentially be a second-gen 5 Series GT promoted to the upper class.

The X2 concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last September will morph into a production crossover towards the end of the year, while the M2 will spawn a hardcore CS / GTS version in the months to come, presumably with the M4’s engine. Also in 2017, the X7 luxobarge will lose all the camo to reveal its final form, and so will the mighty M5 as well as the Z4 successor allegedly dubbed “Z5.”

As far as the M4 GT4 is concerned, expect a track-focused version of the powered-up coupe influenced by the namesake race car. Oddly enough, there’s no mention of the recently leaked M4 CS, but that might debut in Geneva next month alongside the facelifted 4 Series.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport

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