Virginia will join several states cracking down on improper lane usage.

Slowpokes riding the left lane in Virginia are about to get 250 new incentives to move right. House Bill 2201 has passed (no pun intended) the Virginia legislature, which stipulates a minimum $250 fine for slow driving, cruising, or otherwise poking along in the left lane. All that remains is a signature from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Slowpokes Beware:

Once signed, the Commonwealth of Virginia will join a growing number of states in cracking down on left-lane bandits. Riding the left lane is technically illegal across the U.S., however most states do not have fines or punishments specifically targeted to hogging the left lane. Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, and New Jersey are exceptions, and if you think Virginia’s $250 fine is hefty, Indiana can nick you for up to $500.

Of course, the irony of Virginia passing a law penalizing slow drivers isn’t lost on anyone who’s actually driven – or more poignantly – been nabbed by Virginia’s finest. Reckless driving fines for doing 20 miles per hour over the limit are fairly common around the country, but Virginia also places the reckless driving threshold at 80 mph, which in some areas is only 10 mph over the limit. Do 81 in a 70 and you could lose $250, or even get tossed in jail.

And with the HB 2201 all but ready to go, doing 69 in a 70 zone could also get you a $250 fine. In other words, no matter where you’re at in Virginia, it’s probably best to just drive the speed limit.

With traffic continuing to increase in urban areas, expect more states to encourage proper lane discipline through hefty fines. Not only does this help alleviate congestion, it addresses speed differential – something traffic experts have been preaching for years as being more dangerous than speeding. Either way, we’re very happy to see concerted efforts for educating drivers on lane usage and encouraging proper lane etiquette.


Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch, Martinsville Bulletin