Citroën is not wasting any time pursuing the plan of turning its brand into something less mass-market than its PSA sister Peugeot. Beginning with a new logo which was first pointed out by AutoExpress last December, the French automaker wants to reinvent itself completely from the top down. The logo still features two chevrons but they are redesigned to be more round-edged. Even the name Citroën is written in a different font. It's all part of the 90-year celebrations for the motor manufacturer.

Information that came through to WCF says dealers from 30 different countries where the marque is represented were invited to a screening at cinemas. They were then shown a video of the company's new strategy going through to 2013. Some of the details covered included new-look showrooms and plans pertaining to new models. These will be presented about every half year which works out to 6 new models in the next 3 years.

As reported before these new models will include a new line of Citroëns that are badged as DS cars. The first of these would be a DS3 of which a picture was leaked and later an official one shown. The DS3 will be shown at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Later a DS4 and DS5 (based on the 2008 Hypnos Concept) will be launched.

The DS line does not replace cars like the C3 and C4 but will sell alongside them, possibly in a separate more exclusive enclosure inside a dealership similar to what Toyota used to do with Lexus.

[UPDATE] Official photos and detailed press release outlining new brand indentity plan have been added


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