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The Volkner Mobil "Performance" RV is making the rounds of the Internet again. Introduced in 2007, this full-size luxury motorhome is one of the largest in Europe, and it remains a show-stopper thanks to its centrally-mounted car carrier. That's right, this beast will allow you to get away from it all and take absolutely everything with you. And before you ask--prices start at £825,000 and the car is not included.

Volkner got its start as a trailer and heavy-truck equipment manufacturer, so designing a retractable tray strong enough to hold an automobile and tuck it safely into the motorhome's belly was right up the company's alley. The "Performance" can be designed to hold a number of automobiles inside its wheels: Mercedes SLK, Porsche 911, Maserati Quattroporte or Jaguar XK8 convertible will fit within the 12,3 meter "Performance." A shorter version of the "Performance" measures 10,5 meters and will swallow a MINI Cooper. The "garage" panel extends to the side, allowing the vehicle to be driven aboard, then retracts and rises up into the underbelly of the RV. Volkner has produced variants of the system as well, including a retractable tiled patio for outdoor entertainment. The Volkner Mobil "Performance" is, of course, built to the customer's specificiation.

Like most large diesel motorhomes and caravans, the "Performance" is based on a touring bus chassis, and offers rockstar-grade interior appointments. Flat-screen televisions, heated marble floors and a full complement of household appliances are available. Ready to place an order? More information can be found at Volkner Mobil's website at

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