A Mercedes-Benz GLK has been spied in Scandinavia carrying LED daytime running lights. These special lights appear for the first time on a car that was launched barely 6 months ago. Instinct would say this is a facelift model but it's too soon for that. A facelift GLK can only be expected to appear at the earliest in 2011. So these LED lights can just be called a new option for the GLK. Any GLK model?

Performance testing is a very expensive and time-consuming exercise, and to take a vehicle all the way to Scandinavia for a set of new lights makes little sense. Speculation says this is no ordinary GLK but one powered by a hybrid powertrain. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have been jointly developing a hybrid system and Audi is known to be preparing a Q5 hybrid. Therefore this car might be a GLK hybrid which would offer LEDs as part of some package. The Mercedes hybrid could possibly debut with the S400 BlueHybrid this coming European summer.


Gallery: Mercedes GLK Caught with LED Daytime Lights

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