No, not Trump – the president of Poland.

The glory days of the limousine are long gone. But Polish design student Daniel Platek and his team think that they can bring the limo back from the brink of irrelevancy.

The concept is called Carrozza. It was designed specifically for use by the Polish president, as noted by the red and white light bars located on the hood and side sills, and the proposed armored construction. Apart from its eye-catching good looks, designer Daniel Platek says the concept is "very luxurious, but also safe." 

The front fascia is defined by a sleek set of headlights accented by an equally slim grille. The word "Presidento" is emblazoned on the fascia to signify its political affiliation, while the aforementioned red and white light bar located on the hood is flanked by the two red and blue warning lights. 

Presidento Limousine Concept

The concept was created to be the ultimate in luxurious transportation for heads of state and other politicians alike. The side profile retains a sleek look – even with its extended body – and molds into a seamless, stunning rear end with a lone light bar stretching from either corner. The "Presidento" moniker is once again embedded into the light bar.

To go along with it, Platek and his team have created an equally stunning SUV dubbed the Guardia. The concept takes a number of cues from the Lamborghini Urus concept on which it’s based, and similar to the Carrozza, features a central red and white light fixture on the hood and side sills paired with red and white warning lights in the grille. The two concepts together make up the "Presidento" project, and give the forgotten limousine a much-needed makeover.

Presidento Limousine Concept
Presidento Limousine Concept

Source: Daniel Platek / Behance


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