Porsche is using the UK blizzard as a reminder that it offers a winter driving course at its Porsche Driving Experience Centre in Silverstone.

With the record snowfall in Britain still fresh in memory and more than a few egos probably bruised along with bent sheet metal, Porsche is taking the opportunity to remind driving enthusiasts that it offers a winter-driving course at its Silverstone Porsche Driving Experience Centre. Prices for the Winter Driving Course start at £275, and are offered year-round thanks to ice and snow simulation pads.

At the moment the snow at the Northamptonshire track, adjacent to the Silverstone Grand Prix course, is very real, and Porsche's "driving consultants" are on hand to teach drivers to adapt to suddenly changing road conditions, control over- and understeer and develop good winter-driving skills.

"The main objectives of these courses are to optimise driving safety without restricting driving enjoyment, and to ensure maximum levels of progress are made with minimum effect on other road users and the environment," says James Taylor, manager of the Porsche Driving Experience.

Non-seasonal classes include the Advanced Driving Course, which teaches basic principles of high-performance car control and hazard avoidance. The Porsche Driving Experience Centre also houses facilities for business meetings, a restaurant and cinema, and extensive classroom facilities, to make it more appealing to businesses looking for an interesting day retreat.

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