Aventadors with an aftermarket exhaust are especially at risk for these fires.

Owners of the 2012-2017 Lamborghini Aventador in the United States will need to make a stop by their dealer soon for a potentially serious repair. The issue affects 1,453 units of the supercar.

According to NHTSA, the recall includes special models, including the Anniversario, Miura Homage (pictured above), Pirelli Edition, and Super Veloce. Because they have Aventador-derived parts, the campaign also affects the Veneno Coupè and Roadster.

“In case of fuel tank heavily overfilled and in particular handling conditions, liquid fuel could reach the carbon canister” of the evaporative emissions system, Lamborghini’s report to NHTSA said. The problem could cause the purge valves not to work. Subsequently, high revs from idle could allow fuel vapor to contact the hot exhaust gases. “Especially if combined with a not approved aftermarket exhaust system this could lead to risk of fire,” according to the report.

Lamborghini got its first inkling of this problem in 2015 when research into reports of engines shutting off showed the evaporative emissions system carbon canister saturated with gasoline. In March 2016, the company also had an instance on an Aventador of the rear grille and taillights melting from the heat. Research eventually indicated high revs from idle, especially with an aftermarket exhaust, was a potential fire hazard when combined with the evaporative emissions issue.

Dealers will upgrade the fuel tank’s evaporative emissions system by adding a better performing purge valve and a new roll over valve for preventing owners fro overfilling the tank. Lamborghini will begin the recall on February 24.

Recalls are a fairly rare event for Lamborghini owners. The company has only recalled the Aventador one other time. In 2012, the company had to repair 144 examples of the supercar because it wasn't possible to adjust the vertical aim of the headlights. There haven't been any campaigns for the Huracán.

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