We've got new studio photography of Wald's Black Bison body kit for the Nissan GT-R.

We've got some official studio pictures of Wald International's Black Bison body kit for the Nissan GT-R, which was unveiled in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon. These shots give a more detailed look at the kit than the show-floor pictures.

The body kit adds a number of lightweight carbon fiber panels to the GT-R, including a front-lip spoiler, nose cover, rear wing and engine cover. Composite materials are also used on the duct covers. The lightening job shaves a few pounds as well as improving the GT-R's aerodynamics. A choice of "wet" or "dry-"look carbon fiber is offered, with glossy or matte trim, respectively.

For now, it's still an appearance-only package; Wald does not offer any engine tuning components. This is the first time Wald International has modified a Nissan, but that hasn't affected the company's attention to detail. Prices for the Black Bison kit for the GT-R range from ¥1,039,500 ($11,620) for the wet-look carbon fiber to ¥2,362,500 ($26,410) for the race-oriented dry-look kit.

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