Tailored to people who don't want to jump on the crossover bandwagon.

The words “Citroën” and “quirky” go hand in hand and it’s one of the reasons why we are fans of the double chevron. The SpaceTourer 4x4 Ë Concept is a prime example of the company’s philosophy and it’s heading to the Geneva Motor Show together with the equally funky C-Aircross concept.

The half minivan, half crossover proposes the idea of a rugged all-wheel-drive MPV for active families on the look for a vehicle that has a higher ground clearance to better tackle difficult roads. Citroën says the SpaceTourer rides 60 millimeters (2.3 inches) higher than the namesake production model and has been envisioned in XS, M, and XL sizes to cater the needs of a wider variety of outdoorsy people. The white one heading to Geneva with grey camouflage pattern and red accents is the smallest of the bunch and measures 4.6-meters long and 1.9-meter tall.

Citroen SpaceTourer 4x4 E concept
Citroen SpaceTourer 4x4 E concept

Related to sister models Peugeot Traveller and Toyota Proace, the SpaceTourer seen here in conceptual guise has foot-operated hands-free sliding doors granting easy access to the spacious interior. The cabin is big enough to host up to nine people, but the Geneva-bound vehicle will feature a five-seat configuration with a pair of individual front seats.

Citroën has installed a turbodiesel 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine available in a wide variety of PSA products including the road-going SpaceTourer where it delivers 150 horsepower (112 kilowatts) and 370 Newton-meters (273 pound-feet) of torque. Power is channeled to both axles through a six-speed manual gearbox engineered by Automobiles Dangel allowing drivers to choose from multiple transmission modes, including Auto 4WD.

Citroën will have the SpaceTourer 4x4 Ë Concept together with its snow chains in Geneva starting with March 7th during the first press day. The new concept follows last year’s somewhat similar SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept shown at the same auto show in an identical 4x4 manual diesel flavor.

Source: Citroën

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