Thankfully, everyone walked away unharmed.

High winds can be a serious hazard while on the road, as one truck driver recently found out firsthand. In this dramatic dashcam video, a semi truck is seen being blown over onto the top of a police car. It all took place in near Elk Mountain in Wyoming.

After reports of winds exceeding 70 miles per hour (112 kilometers per hour) in the area, officials closed Interstate 80 to all lightweight and high-profile vehicles, including semi trucks. Unfortunately, the driver of this semi either chose to ignore the warning, or simply didn’t notice it at all. 

"The tractor trailer was traveling at a very reduced speed, 30 to 35 miles per hour," Wyoming Highway Patrol's Lt. David Wagener told CBS News. "A gust got the trailer and blew it onto the police car."

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident as the patrol car was unattended. Police cited the driver of the semi with a misdemeanor for traveling on a closed section of interstate. Police released the video on their Facebook page in hopes that it would discourage others to ignore posted wind advisories in the future.

But this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in the area. CBS News reports that just a few weeks earlier, another semitrailer was blown onto a different Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle due to high winds. The officer in the vehicle sustained a few minor injuries.

"Our troopers were already in the same area working on two other semi trucks that had blown off the interstate," said Lt. Kelly Finn said in an interview. "Fortunately nobody was in the police car or it would have been a lot worse."

Source: CBS News


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