Horatio Pagani called up the owner after hearing about the crash.

There’s no hiding when you’re driving a car as rare and wildly styled as a Pagani Zonda. Unfortunately, the attention caused an unfortunate accident for one of the supercars in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The clip offers two angles on the incident. At first we see the accident from the perspective of the truck following the Zonda F that eventually rams into the back of the supercar. The video then switches to the view of a vehicle in the other lane and offers a little more context for the crash.

According to owner Jorge Gómez speaking to Argentina’s Autoblog, he was going around 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour) at the time of the accident. A car in front of his Zonda suddenly stopped in heavy traffic, and the truck behind him couldn’t slow down in time – possibly because the driver was gawking at the Pagani.

The crash didn’t injure anyone, and photos showed that the Zonda received fairly minor damage. The blow bent all four of the high-mounted exhaust outlets and busted carbon fiber in the rear bumper. There was no serious mechanical damage, though. Gómez said that Horatio Pagani already called him to work out the repairs.

Gómez’s car looks like it should be on the road again once Horatio gets him the replacement parts, but other crashed Zonda’s aren’t so easy to repair. For example, we saw a rare Zozo edition in Japan last year where a Maybach ripped off the supercar’s whole front end. Similarly unfortunate accidents have taken the noses off examples of the rare model in Dubai and in Hong Kong, too. With so few of them on the road, any time one of them takes damage it becomes news among Pagani fans.

The clip below offers a look at the damage and an interview in Spanish with the owner.

Source: Autoblog.com.ar

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