Romanian manufacturer Dacia plans to unveil a concept car in Geneva, and leaked teaser photos suggest that it will be unlike anything Dacia has ever done.

Romanian automaker Dacia has soldiered along quietly under the Nissan-Renault umbrella, offering low-cost vehicles in a slowly expanding lineup. We've got confirmed reports that Dacia will be presenting a concept car at Geneva (its second concept since joining the Nissan-Renault family), and some teaser photos to go with it, though of course there are no details as yet. The brand is expected to reveal a crossover or SUV-type vehicle this year, but indicators point to the concept being based on the Sandero hatchback.

The scanned photos that have leaked hint at a sporty coupe with aggressive styling, LED headlamps and distinctive, boomerang-shaped taillights. Brembo brake calipers are visible as well. If these photos are real, this concept promises to break new ground for Dacia. Stay tuned as we hunt for more information.

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