The body-hugging seat promises to offer great lateral support and a high level of comfort.

Another piece of the Alpine puzzle has fallen into place as the Renault-owned marque has revealed the sports car’s seats. Developed specifically for the attractive coupe, the seat weighs as little as 13.1 kilograms (28.8 pounds), prompting Alpine to say it has managed to shave off as much as 50 percent of the weight compared to what some of its segment rivals are offering nowadays.

The bucket seat features a one-piece shell and comes with visible support rails, while the quilting on the leather is a nod to classic models such as the legendary A110. Alpine believes it has managed to combine the best of both worlds by creating a seat that offers great lateral support when going fast around the corners and a high level of comfort when casually driving.

Currently being referred to as the “A120,” Alpine’s Cayman fighter will feature an entirely flat floor and a rear-mounted diffuser to aid airflow and boost aerodynamics without the need of a rear spoiler. The car’s design has been previewed twice; the first time in 2015 with the Celebration concept and once again last year with the Vision concept pictured below. Alpine has already promised the road-going car is going to have 80 percent of the Vision's design, so expect a retro-flavored curvaceous body made from aluminum and a minimalist driver-focused interior. Already we can easily notice the seats are virtually the same as those of the concept's.

Renault Alpine Vision concept
Renault Alpine Vision concept
Renault Alpine Vision concept

Without revealing what will power the "A120," Alpine has announced the sporty rear-wheel-drive coupe will need four and a half seconds to complete the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) task. Some reports are indicating it will utilize a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine derived from the Clio RS' 1.6-liter unit, while others are suggesting it's going to boast a new 2.0-liter bound to be shared with the next-gen Megane RS. In the top-spec version, the Alpine reboot is expected to have roughly 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts).

Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin before the year’s end and the first 1,995 units are going to be a part of the Premiere Edition priced from €55,000 up to €60,000 in France. Considering the amount of teasers released so far, chances are the A120 is inching closer to its much-awaited reveal. A best-case scenario would be the Geneva Motor Show in about three weeks.

Source: Alpine

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Lightweight, functional and beautiful

Alpine’s legendary agility has always been driven by low weight. In the new Alpine our engineers have applied this principle to the seats, which combine ultra-low weight with excellent lateral support to enable the driver to feel at one with the car.

13.1 kilograms

In many sports car seats, a trade-off has been made between performance, driver comfort and weight. In the new Alpine, we have achieved excellent lateral support and comfort despite a total seat weight of only 13.1 kilos.

With a one-piece shell and visible support rails, the weight of the Alpine seat has been reduced by up to half compared to those of some of our competitors.

Quilted leather, functional and comfortable

With excellent lateral support for thighs, hips and shoulders, the Alpine seat helps maintain driver control in even the most challenging corners.

And the quilting of the seats’ leather, similar to that of some of its predecessors, offers excellent quality and comfort.