New BMW X6 M is expected to come with a V8 using twin-scroll turbochargers producing about 536 hp.

Here are some spy shots of the upcoming BMW X6 M.

As you can see from the camouflage, BMW is hiding the little details that will distinguish this M variant from the usual X6 - the front and rear skirts mainly.

Now, the X6 is described by BMW as a "coupe SAV", where SAV stands for Sports Activity Vehicle. What distinction that really entails from SUV, it's hard to tell. Maybe BMW just likes to have its own name to describe the X6.

BMW hasn't released any details on power and performance tweaking on the X6 M. But speculation is that it will come with a V8 using twin-scroll turbochargers producing somewhere around 536 hp.

Chassis improvements will also have to be made to make the rather bulky X6 perform up to M standards. The X6 is all-wheel drive and BMW will have to make adjustments to the Dynamic Performance Control to get more twist to the rear axle and reduce understeer. Or it may scrap the xDrive system altogether, given BMW's penchant for rear-wheel drive roaring M models.

The BMW X6 M and the X5 M are expected to be officially unveiled sometime later this year.