More details have come out in the open regarding Citroën's future plans of a new line of cars with the respected DS badge. By 2011 two DS models will be on sale.

It was reported recently that French car maker Citroën is going through an identity realignment which kicks off on the company's 90th birthday on February 5. The plan includes bringing back the DS name which was used by Citroën from the 1950s to the 1970s. However this will not be a single model with the DS name but rather a new line of cars. DS pronounced in French is Déesse which means goddess.

Auto Motor Sport Sweden reports the first DS will appear in early 2010 under the name DS3. It will be slightly larger than the current C4 and sit between a hatch and a sedan. Potential competitors here include the Audi A3 and the upcoming Alfa Romeo 149. Next will be a DS4 which will closely resemble the pictured C-SportLounge Concept of 2005. The DS4 is expected to launch in 2010 as a 2011 MY. Lastly, the DS5 which will be a car of the same size class as the Audi A6/A7, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. The Hypnos concept which debuted in last year's Paris motor show is said to foreshadow the DS5 according to Auto Motor Sport Sweden.

Clearly Citroën is moving up a class to differentiate itself from PSA sister brand Peugeot. The company will return to its quirky, avant-garde roots as far as technology, innovation and design are concerned. As part of the transformation, smaller cars will get less attention while customers and dealerships will get more, and Citroën would become a sort of French luxury brand.

The first DS product is expected to show up at the Geneva International Motor Show in a few weeks time with the first media release expected within the next 24 hours as Citroën starts celebrating 90 years in the auto business. So stay in touch to find out more.


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