Yet another set of spy pictures of the next McLaren-only supercar codenamed P11. This time its doors are wide open to reveal their 'gullwing' structure.

Is McLaren not even trying to hide its latest project the P11? These new images represent a third set of spy photos taken of the mystical car in a period of two weeks. It appears to be the exact same car seen in previous spy shots. For the first time we see the doors open and in true mystical fashion they are gullwings. P11 is a code given to the car which for McLaren will replace the SLR. Mercedes-Benz and McLaren have parted ways as far as supercar production is concerned. Both companies are currently developing rivals separately. Incidentally Mercedes has been spied testing the SLC supercar which also sports gullwing doors.

Although the recent partnership of Woking and Stuttgart gave rise to the SLR and Formula One championships, the original McLaren F1 supercar had a BMW engine. Speculation is that McLaren will stay with a Mercedes engine which would probably be a V8 that produces between 550hp (404kW) and 600hp (441kW). It would be coupled to an F1-style sequential gearbox.

Among the P11's other competitors the Ferrari F430, also due for replacement in 2010 by the rumoured F450. When the P11 comes on to the scene it should be priced around €400,000.