Kicherer wrangles 360 hp and 900 Nm of torque of of the GL 420 diesel. A lowered suspension and 21-inch wheels also improve performance. There is also a new grill, bumpers, roof spoiler and side running boards.

Tuning a diesel can't be boring. The challenge of getting that Nm reading somewhere close to the OCD- satisfying round number of 1000 must have a particular appeal.

Here the Kicherer Mercedes-Benz GL 42 Black Line reinvents the Mercedes GL 420 CDI. It takes the diesel V8 to 900 Nm - close enough - and ups the horsepower to 360. Maximum speed on this SUV is raised to 280 km/h (174 mph). Any more than that and you risk the GL doing a headstand.

But the suspension tuning takes care of those dangers and lowers and stiffens the GL to make it more nimble on the road. Why not just buy a car if you want better handling? Because you may need all the room of an SUV to fit your oversized ego.

Throttle response is also made more sensitive by the addition of a "two-pass sports exhaust system." A special edition 21-inch set of wheels are also part of this GL 42.

Optics are improved with new bumpers, grill, roof spoiler and running boards along with black body panelling.

On the inside comes a sports steering wheel, other carbon cabin parts and leather covering even the ceiling interior.

The GL 42 Black Line as seen here goes for 125,820 euros.


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