The high-performance boat will have AMG green hell magno accents, just like the car.

Mercedes and Cigarette Racing have decided the best way to celebrate 10 years of partnership would be to come out with another high-performance boat inspired by a road car wearing the three-pointed star logo. This time around, it’s the mighty GT R serving as foundation for a powerboat styled in collaboration with Gorden Wagener, none other than Daimler’s chief designer. For now we only have a teaser of the boat, but already we can see the boat’s AMG green hell magno accents in the same vein as the GT R’s signature color.

It follows last year’s tie-up between the two, which led to the creation of a special boat derived from Mercedes-AMG’s GT3 race car and dubbed 41' SD GT3. A year before, the GT S influenced the design of Cigarette Racing’s 50 Marauder GT S, while in 2014 the two collaborated to develop the 50’ Cigarette Marauder as a nod to the stunning Vision Gran Turismo concept.

Mercedes-AMG Cigarette Racing powerboat
Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S concept
Cigarette Racing Vision GT concept

If you would rather have the car, the R sits on top of the Mercedes-AMG GT’s range and kicks off at a steep €165,410 on its home turf in Germany. It’s available exclusively as a coupe now, but the peeps from Affalterbach have admitted a roadster version might join the family at some point in the future. Even if approved, don’t expect to see it sooner than next year.

Cigarette Racing’s latest high-performance boat will celebrate its premiere next Wednesday at the 2017 Miami International Auto Show in Florida.

If the two are going to join forces yet again next year, perhaps the source of inspiration for the next project should be the forthcoming F1-engined Project One hypercar scheduled to be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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