New McLaren P11 will replace the SLR and is slated for official unveiling in the spring. The P11 will likely come with a Mercedes-sourced supercharged V8 with about 550 to 600 hp. Production is set for 2010.

Here are some new and improved spy shots of the McLaren P11.

The car is undergoing winter testing in Sweden and these spy photos capture it in all its camouflaged and frozen glory.

What do we know about the car? Not much.

The P11 is the replacement for the McLaren SLR and is tentatively slated for official introduction this spring. Production is scheduled to begin in 2010. It will likely come with a Mercedes engine, probably a supercharged V8 with somewhere in the vicinity of 550 to 600 hp. And, of course, the now standard F1-derived sequential gearbox.

The P11 will be a competitor to the Ferrari F430.

McLaren may be also toiling away in a research lab somewhere on a successor to the McLaren F1.

Lots of possibles and tentatives, yes.

Okay, it will, for sure, without question, cost more than 400,000 euros. That you can bet the house on.


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