No one was hurt.

A German owner of a yellow Audi R8 will probably never forget his trip to The Netherlands. What started out as a fun journey, ended up as an unfortunate accident near the city of Utrecht.

As local media reports, after a “wrong steering maneuver,” the German supercar jumped into the Angstel River and slowly sank to the bottom of the water. Fortunately, the driver managed to escape the car through the window and to swim to the nearest shore, where paramedics took care of him. No major injuries are reported, as the man mostly “complained about the cold.”

Audi R8 crashed in river
Audi R8 crashed in river
Audi R8 crashed in river

Shortly after, his Audi was rescued from the water and, judging by the attached images and video, it will never be the same car. While it stayed there only for a couple of hours, that’s enough time to literally kill the car with all its complicated electronics and fancy interior materials.

Read also: reports this is not the first similar accident in the same river. Less than a month ago, another Audi dived into the cold waters of Angstel, but in this case the driver disappeared shortly after the incident and left his TT Coupe hanging over the rocks.

This yellow R8 crash reminds us of possibly the most popular lake-crash, which happened towards the end of 2009. Then, Andy House, an exotic car salvage yard owner, crashed his Bugatti Veyron and ended up in a lake in Texas. He originally claimed the cause was a low flying pelican before later trying to claim he dropped his phone.

In December 2014, a Croatian driver crashed his Ferrari F430 Spider and ended up on the bottom of a two-meter deep pond near a road in Austria. He escaped the vehicle unhurt and called the emergency services from a nearby house.

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