Great commenters deserve a better commenting system. is switching to a great new commenting platform called Spot.IM.

Spot.IM is incredibly easy to use, has the latest commenting features, and offers some new tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

With Spot.IM, you’re able to comment quickly and see the comments of others in real time, reply to someone’s comment, vote comments up and down, upload images, and everything else you expect from a modern commenting platform.

Additionally, Spot.IM offers some cool features you won’t find anywhere. One is called the Newsfeed, which you activate by clicking the white-on-blue “plus” button on the right side of your screen. The Newsfeed shows you a complete list of what’s happening on Motor1 in real time – every comment made, voted up or down, and replied to shows up here. This lets you see what discussions are happening on Motor1, as well, so you can join in and speak your piece.   

The second feature that’s amazing is Spot.IM’s predictive algorithm that learns what sort of articles on Motor1 you like reading and then suggests related articles that are similar. It sounds simple, but it’s hard to do well. Once it learns your tastes, Spot.IM delivers its recommendations in a strip right above the comments. We can’t activate it right away because the system needs time to learn what you like, so just keep clicking on your favorite Motor1 articles and the Newsfeed will go live once it’s gotten to know you.

To begin commenting using Spot.IM, just sign into your Motor1 account like always (or register for one if you haven’t already) or login with Facebook.

We want to hear your feedback as well as help make this transition as easy possible, so email me directly at if you have a comment or question.

Now, let’s get back to discussing whether or not the Corvette should go mid-engine, if Skoda is the greatest carmaker of all time, and why crossovers have taken over the world. See you in the comments.