The Volkswagen BlueSport concept has imaginations turning, most recently this rendering of an extreme Seat version of the car, influenced by the Bocanegra concept.

Speculation as to the future of Volkswagen's lovely BlueSport concept shown in Detroit continues apace. Hot on the heels of last week's speculative rendering of a "Seat Salsa" based on the BlueSport, we've got another, more extreme imagining.

The latest speculative design combines the BlueSport's dimensions with styling elements seen in Seat's concept vehicles, especially the Bocanegra from last year and the Tango from back in 2003. The new rendering has more aggressive lines and looks quite different from the attractive but restrained BlueSport.

Seat's trademark descending side line features heavily, and the Bocanegra's influence is in the blacked-out front fascia. To keep the lines similar to Seat's current and future family styling, the rear-mounted engine's air intakes are hidden in the convertible top's opening.

Rendered Speculation: Seat Roadster Inspired by Bocanegra Concept