Ford has let slip some details about the fully electric vehicle it plans to bring to market; the vehicle will be based on the next-generation Focus and is due in 2012.

An article in the Detroit News about Ford's ongoing electric vehicle program has let a few facts slip out about the upcoming "battery electric vehicle" (BEV) that Ford says it plans to bring to market by 2012.

Developed in conjunction with the plug-in Escape Hybrid that's due to debut a year before it, the BEV will be based on the new global Ford Focus platform which debuts in 2010, and will be a fully electric vehicle, with no gasoline engine component. Ford is aiming for the vehicle to have a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge. "Project M," as it has been internally dubbed, is a joint venture between Ford and Magna International, Inc.

Critics are already wondering if a 100-mile range will be enough for the average commuter. The upside to Ford's Focus-based BEV is reduced cost; with less complexity than a hybrid and most of the construction sourced from a single supplier - Magna. Ford's BEV will likely cost much less than the Chevrolet Volt, whose starting price has been estimated in the $40,000 range.