Some details of the upcoming Rolls Royce RR4 are out. The car will resurrect the name Silver Ghost and it will be available in three body types including a Convertible.

The upcoming "baby" Rolls Royce currently codenamed RR4 will go by the name of Silver Ghost. So says Dutch publication De Telegraaf. This and more details have been reported and make for good reading for RR fans. British manufacturer Rolls Royce has significantly increased sales over the past five years thanks to brisk sales of its Phantom series of super luxury cars.

The RR4 will be some 50cm shorter than a Phantom, but that does not mean the car is small. At 5.3 metres in length it's even longer than the BMW 7 Series LWB. The same doors that open in the opposite direction will be found in the RR4. Two additional body types, the Coupe and Convertible will join the sedan later.

Two engine proposals are under review at the moment, these being a V8 and V12, both running on petrol. The V12 will be available exclusively for the RR4 and will not be as big in capacity as the 6.75-litre used in the Phantom. Because of widespread concerns and legislation relating to C02 emissions, diesel and hybrid powertrains are not being ruled out.

In 2008 Rolls Royce exceeded the 1,000 unit mark at its Goodwood factory for the first time. With the introduction of the RR4 range the company is expected to eventually produce around 2,500 vehicles a year. The price is speculated at around €380,000 for the "base" sedan.

UPDATE: The base price of €380,000 represents price in The Netherlands including all taxes. Excluding tax approximately €300,000.


New Rolls Royce RR4 Details Emerge