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Just as funky as the new C3 supermini but with extra ground clearance, the C-Aircross concept is a sign of things to come in terms of a C3 Picasso replacement. While the outgoing model is more MPV than crossover, the new generation will lose most of the people carrier traits to adopt a more SUV shape in order to capitalize on the segment’s immense popularity.

Citroën will preview the production model next month in Geneva where it will bring this polarizing C-Aircross set to feature suicide doors and cameras instead of conventional mirrors. Also noticeable is the absence of a B-pillar, thus providing an easy access inside the cabin where there are a lot of orange accents to match those on the outside.

Like with most concepts nowadays, the C-Aircross has received oversized alloy wheels, in this case an 18-inch set. Citroën mentions the eccentric design is more than just for show as aerodynamics also played an important role when elaborating the design. Case in point, the rear quarter windows feature louvres to improve airflow, while front air inlets and a rear diffuser have been added further increase aerodynamics. Citroën’s so-called “Airbumps” have also been installed to provide body protection at low-speed collisions and you will likely see these on the production model as well taking into account the C3 has them.

2017 Citroen C-Aircross concept

Stepping inside the cabin, the C-Aircross concept adopts a minimalist layout with very few physical buttons and knobs. Instead, there’s a large 12-inch touchscreen from where the driver controls most of the vehicle’s functions. A large head-up display reduces distractions behind the single-spoke steering wheel, while support for induction charging eliminates the hassle of having to use cables to charge a smartphone.

Details about what powers the concept have not been disclosed, but obviously the production model will borrow the engines from the C3 supermini. PSA’s Grip Control system has been implemented in the C-Aircross concept to provide extra traction necessary for tackling different types of terrain, but at the end of the day it’s still a front-wheel-drive crossover.

Citroën will have the C-Aircross concept on display next month, with the production version likely to arrive in 2018.

Source: Citroën

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