It looks like the new Top Gear is finally giving the fans what they want. After the departure of Chris Evans following some... creative differences, a true trio of presenters is back for the 24th season. A second, more detailed trailer follows an earlier spot that debuted back in December – and this one looks promising.

Gone are Chris Evans, Sabine Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan entirely, in their place Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid will take the helm as the new presenters. LeBlanc, who has signed on with the BBC for at least two more seasons, will take Clarkson's and Evan's former role as lead. The new 90-second trailer shows exactly that.

Top Gear Season 24 Trailer

Apart from the obvious Ferrari FXX K drift fest with Harris at the helm, the promo features Matt LeBlanc doing his best (or worst) Bond impression in a new Aston Martin DB11, the trio competing in a makeshift demolition derby, and one Stig flambe, all while facing off against their toughest challenge yet – the BBC’s insurance department.

The new trailer includes plenty of old-school antics that fans grew to love with Clarkson, Hammond, and May still at the helm – things like spontaneous crashing, not-so-organized racing, and plenty of nudity. Though the BBC doesn’t give us a date on when the new season will be out, it looks like it should be plenty fun when it does debut.

Season 23, while not as successful as the BBC, saw numbers of 4.3 million viewers in its first episode. That number dropped by roughly half over the course of the season, with the show underperforming considerably compared to previous series' hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Source: BBC


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