Hyundai had just a few hours to shoot and edit its ad during the game. The company was successful, and the result is moving.

If Super Bowl commercials scored points for the difficulty of shooting them, Hyundai’s spot that aired right after the game probably would have set a new high score. Rather than prepping an ad in advance, the automaker largely shot and edited its emotional clip while the New England Patriots were beating the Atlanta Falcons. The result was one of the more heartfelt commercials of the night.

Hyundai’s ad Operation Better showed U.S. soldiers’ reactions to virtually watching the Super Bowl with their families. To make that happen the company set up 360-degree cameras in the stands and streamed the video into a special room on the base where a display surrounded the chosen participants. Cameras recorded their reactions to seeing loved ones in this high-tech way.

Hyundai Super Bowl

According to Automotive News, creating the commercial was a gargantuan undertaking. Hyundai’s ad agency Innocean was able to film some B-roll ahead of time, but the bulk of the spot’s production had to happen during the game. A production team at the military base in Zagan, Poland, sent the video to a mobile studio at the stadium in Houston, Texas. Officials the National Football League, the broadcaster Fox, and the military were on hand to provide approval as soon as everything was ready.

“Doing something that’s bigger than a commercial and can help bring our country together when it seems impossibly divided is incredible,” said Eric Springer, Chief Creative Officer at Innocean, said in Hyundai’s release about the ad. “We wanted a challenge for this year’s Super Bowl, and we certainly gave ourselves one.”

The production team had a backup plan in case something went wrong, according to Automotive News. However, it’s keeping the alternative a secret since everything happened smoothly.

Audi and Michelin also opted for serious tones in their ads this year. The Four Rings’ spot was explicitly about pay and gender equality for women. The tire maker advertised the importance of its product by showing a trio people rushing home for different reasons.

Source: Hyundai, Automotive News

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