Order books are still open for the 700bhp Aston Martin One-77. Contrary to previous reports, the car has not been sold out. A full deposit right now can still secure one of these 77 beauties.

It would seem that reports suggesting that the Aston Martin upcoming One-77 supercar had already been sold out were highly exaggerated. A trusted AM source of CarAdvice has told the Australian publication that orders are still quite open for those willing to put down the £200,000 deposit needed to secure a spot on the queue.

The confusion around this story came from the fact that Aston had over 100 expressions of interest for the car whose production will be limited to only 77. But a lot of those interests have not translated into cold hard cash, hence the discrepancy between these and actual deposit-motivated orders.

At least one of these unique cars will be a right-hand-drive model so countries like the UK, Japan, Australia and South Africa could conceivably see one on their roads as well. The Aston Martin One-77 uses a 7.0-litre engine to produce 700bhp (522kW).


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