Hopefully he wasn't carrying any fragile items...

Somewhere in United States, this mailman decided to make his workday a tad more exciting by performing a series of donuts in the snow. The video was likely shot (vertically!) from the front porch of a nearby house showing the trusty Grumman Long Life Vehicle part of the U.S. Postal Service fleet spinning around.

While it is always nice to see people who take joy in their jobs, doing something like this is quite risky considering the driver’s employer might not give his stamp of approval (see what I did here?) for such behavior. In this day and age, most people have phones with cameras, so there’s a greater chance of being filmed while you’re doing something that you clearly weren’t supposed to do as it was the case with this mailman.

We just hope his boss will let this one slide, assuming the USPS employee was at the end of his workday and as such there weren’t any fragile packages inside the truck that might have been damaged in the donut-making process.

Fully living up to its “Long Life” name, the 30-year-old Grumman LLV has a rear-wheel-drive layout, thus making it suitable for a round of donuts in the snow. It’s almost at the end of its very long life cycle as the U.S. Postal Service is searching for a replacement of its Iron Duke-powered workhorse. We have some ideas…

USPS Renderings
USPS Renderings
USPS Renderings

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