The road safety organization says cars now are "safest ever."

Many people ask the same question – why should I buy a newer car when my old one still runs perfectly and needs no serious repairs? One reason, of course, is fuel consumption – modern cars could be far more economical than older ones, also emitting far less CO2 and NOx emissions. You have an air conditioning and a CD player in your vehicle? Well, new models have two- and three-zonal automatic climate systems, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, navigation systems, and many more.

But there’s one reason that stands out from all other cool features. It’s called safety. Not only modern cars have more airbags and tens of safety systems, but they also have higher structural strength, better brakes, and clever emergency technologies. Excuse us for sounding instructive, but what’s more important about cars than our road safety?

Crash test organizations play a major role in the safety evolution of vehicles – and Europe’s biggest structure, the Euro NCAP, has turned 20 this week. Celebrating two decades “at the forefront of road safety,” it has released a new video, comparing the crash test results of an old 1997 Rover 100 and a brand new 2017 Honda Jazz. We’ll let the video speak to itself.

Latest Euro NCAP tests:

Euro NCAP says it has saved more than 78,000 lives since tough crash safety tests were launched 20 years ago this week. The organization has spent over $172 million and has tested nearly 1,800 vehicles.

“We are very proud - as we mark 20 years at the forefront of road safety – that Euro NCAP’s program of safety tests has achieved major, life-saving improvements in cars and has helped Europe reach the lowest road fatality rate for any region in the world.” Secretary General Michiel van Ratingen commented.

Euro NCAP Rover 100 and Honda Jazz crash test
Euro NCAP Rover 100 and Honda Jazz crash test

When tests were launched, leading car manufacturers attacked the program, claiming it was so severe that it was impossible for a car to achieve four stars. The Rover 100 scored only one star, while best-sellers Fiat Punto, Nissan Micra, Vauxhall/Open Corsa, and Renault Clio achieved two stars. Five months later, Volvo’s S40 became the first four-star car for occupant protection.

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Source: Euro NCAP

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