I’ve been on the job as Motor1’s executive editor for just over a year now, and I can safely say that the gig has been one of the most challenging and exciting of my life. We’ve grown tremendously over the last year, building both our audience and our editorial team.

The home for that team has always been in Detroit. Though, until recently, the structure of said home was a work in progress. We found a very versatile office space on the city’s gritty east side, but it started out as, basically, a big brick box with some desks along the edges. The building had every amenity you could hope for – including a huge studio space on the second floor, fed by a 15,000-pound-capacity cargo elevator for toting cars, that you can see in recent Why Buy? videos. But it needed a bit of finishing.

Luckily Motor1 friend and architect Kreg Norgaard was excited for the challenge of updating our office on a start-up-friendly budget, using materials that matched the vibe of our historic neighborhood. I couldn’t be happier with the results, which give us a great space for working, chilling out, and doing our damnedest to bring you the best automotive website on the Internet.

Check out the video above for a little tour of our new office, and looks for lots more to come out of this place in 2017 and beyond.

Gallery: Motor1 Detroit Office Gallery

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