Beyonce’s baby announcement has quickly become the most liked picture in Instagram history. In just 24 hours, it amassed more than 7.2 million likes, and per this writing, that number is up to well over 9.2 million. So why am I telling you all this?

Apart from the lone Instagram image which shows the singer draped in a green veil, posing in front of an extravagant bouquet, a full photoshoot of Beyonce’s baby announcement has been uploaded to her website. And there's a car. Part of the shoot includes the superstar lain atop a ratty old Porsche 914 in the name of art, one of the worst sports cars of all time.


The Porsche, truthfully, has seen better days. It wears a well-faded red exterior finish, but accentuates the artistic nature of the shoot. Beyonce is sat upon the removable targa top, while flowers sprout out from the hood, doors, and trunk. It all takes place in front of a faux sky background.

The photoshoot is entitled "I have three hearts." It's a nod to the twin babies the musician is carrying, and was photographed by Awol Erizku, a well-known artist, sculptor, and photographer based in L.A. Though the 914 only makes an appearance in two photos, it does make the perfect addition to the imaginative announcement.



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