The 2010 Nissan GT-R features a change to its ECU that disables Launch Control for better acceleration, and it's causing some unrest in the GT-R enthusiast community.

GTRblog reports that Nissan will be making programming changes to the 2010 GT-R's ECU that should result in better acceleration times when the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is engaged. An additional change also allows the engine to rev past 2000rpm when the brakes are depressed and VDC is engaged, for less aggressive launches. The modifications to the VDC basically neuters the Launch Control system, but that's not what's causing the controversy.

Nissan's has told its dealers that the change will be made to 2010 GTRs, and also applied retroactively to any unsold 2009 models. Rumors that the change would be imposed upon buyers who have already bought their GTRs are not true, though Nissan will encourage owners of '09 GTRs to have them upgraded.

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