A similar move was made by Apple about ten years ago.

In July 2016, the website “TeslaMotors.com” started to redirect to “Tesla.com” and now we have discovered the “Motors” has been dropped altogether from the company’s official name. The reveal comes from a recent filing in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showing a simplified moniker: “Tesla Inc.”

The rebranding decision makes perfect sense taking into account Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer as it also wants to make and sell other products, including solar roofs and Powerwall 2 batteries for both homeowners and businesses. Rather than selling these energy products under the SolarCity brand following a $2.3-billion acquisition, Tesla will use its own name.

The solar roof panels are slated to go on sale later this year and according to Elon Musk the installation costs will be just about the same as those of a standard roof. To boost production, the solar panels are going to be manufactured by Panasonic at its factory in Buffalo, New York.

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As for the batteries for the second-gen Powerwall and the Powerpack energy-storage systems, most of them are going to be made at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada where mass production of the 2170 lithium-ion cells kicked off early last month.

Getting back to the name change, Tesla’s decision to lose the “Motors” from its official moniker reminds us of a similar move made by Apple about a decade ago. In early January 2007, it changed its name from “Apple Computer” to “Apple Inc.” as a way to better reflect the company has a broader array of products to offer.

You can check out the SEC filing at the first link below.

Source: Tesla.com via InsideEVs