Number one: It's awesome.


Our sister site has launched a fantastic new experience called PRIME – a better, more beautiful, and fully customizable version of – and right now you can sign up for a one-month trial, free of charge with no obligations. But you’re a reader – smart, discerning, evolved. You need to be convinced. So here are five irresistible reasons to click here and get access to the new PRIME experience.


  1. No ads! Boom, just like that. Once you’re in the new PRIME experience, you’ll see there’s no room for ads because every available pixel has been used to create a better experience.
  2. Customize your experience. PRIME is all about you; you can customize it however you like. Love endurance racing but don’t care for NASCAR? Done; it’ll show you the former and hide the latter. Whatever you want. still covers the entire world of motorsport as it always has, but PRIME is your own slice of heaven to design as you see fit.
  3. Bigger, better, higher quality images. There’s nothing more beautiful than race cars, especially when their limits are being tested on a track. And there’s no website that brings you more amazing racing images than With PRIME, they’re that much more better in full HD.
  4. Digital access to GP Gazette magazine. With this new experience, you get free access, a $60 value, to GP Gazette magazine, which is digitally delivered the day after every Formula 1 Grand Prix. Featuring the best post-race analysis and driver interviews anywhere, GP Gazette is a must-have for serious F1 fans, and it’s included in PRIME.
  5. More perks when you switch to a paid plan. After your one-month, no-obligation free trial ends, we’ll ask if you want to start a paid plan. There are two levels, both of which have great perks. If you go monthly for $8.60, you’ll also receive access to view the entire Giorgio Piola illustration library, a 20% member discount at, and a $50 Amalgam Collection gift card. If you choose the best value plan, an annual subscription for $78, you’ll receive a 25% member discount at, a $150 Amalgam Collection gift card, a custom Giorgio Piola t-shirt, and digital access to F1 Racing magazine.


If you like, you need to try PRIME. Click here to sign up for your one-month free trial with no obligation (they won’t ask for your credit card).