The BMW PAS has been described in very little detail through this teaser video from BMW. Despite this a few facts about this new concept come to the fore.

BMW has released a teaser video for the PAS vehicle. This follows a story broken by WCF earlier in the week in which BMW's plans of unveiling the car at an event in February were stated. The video clip is an animated mini-feature describing what a new BMW goes through during its development. Specifically it concentrates on how the concept of the PAS would have become a reality through storytelling.

Particulars are understandably quite sketchy but one or two items are mentioned. The first is that the vehicle is not SUV-high, nor is it sedan low. It really is an in-betweener. Secondly it's a very long coupe-like car that does not feature a third row of seats but rather a backseat that is very much adjustable to suit even the tallest passengers. BMW aims to create the feeling of first-class seating comfort for all occupants.

A third and very interesting feature is the rear storage compartment located within the boot. It can be opened and accessed without affecting the interior environment vehicle. A normal sedan with no folding backseats works on the same principle.

Lastly BMW says the vehicle will behave like a BMW. In other words lots of work and thought have gone into making it handle as well as it can for what it is. Powerful engines will be fitted as well. From the teaser sketch we see a tailpipe on either side of the rear indicating the presence of a 3.0-litre twin-turbo powerplant.

Speculation had been that a Frankfurt 2009 reveal was due for the PAS but now it seems likely that a concept version will appear in Geneva this coming March.