The car appears briefly in the commercial, but it's not really the point of the ad.

Audi has released its ad for Super Bowl 51, and unlike every other automaker’s commercial so far, the German brand has produced a spot with a serious, somewhat political perspective. The 60-second clip Daughter airs during the third quarter of the game.

Daughter shows a little girl competing in a soap box derby race against a group of boys. Some of them use dirty tactics to stay in front, but she’s able to slice through the field to the bottom of the hill. Meanwhile, narration from her father contemplates how she can’t make as much money as men when she grows up. Despite the dour tone at first, her dad eventually considers a better world for her.

Audi is buying ad time during the most expensive night of the year to promote equality to millions of people. Tackling the subject head-on could invite controversy, and the comments to this YouTube clip already suggest that some viewers don’t like the message. In an especially bold move, the company’s products barely even appear in the commercial. An S5 Sportback briefly shows up at the end, but it’s on screen for just a few seconds.

“With ‘Daughter,’ Audi continues to push the envelope with compelling storytelling on a national platform. Pay equality is a big message for a big stage,” Loren Angelo, Vice President of marketing at Audi of America, said in the company’s announcement of the commercial.

While it doesn’t get much screen time in this ad, the S5 Sportback goes on sale in the spring. Unlike the conventional S5 coupe, the Sportback has four doors and a liftback rear for easy cargo loading. Power comes from a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 with 354 horsepower (263 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton meters) of torque. It can get to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in a claimed 4.7 seconds. The driving performance also benefits from upgraded handling and braking. Inside, buyers can get Audi’s slick Virtual Cockpit digital instrument panel. The German automaker hasn’t announced pricing for it yet.

Source: Audi

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