The car appears briefly in the commercial, but it's not really the point of the ad.

Audi has released its ad for Super Bowl 51, and unlike every other automaker’s commercial so far, the German brand has produced a spot with a serious, somewhat political perspective. The 60-second clip Daughter airs during the third quarter of the game.

Daughter shows a little girl competing in a soap box derby race against a group of boys. Some of them use dirty tactics to stay in front, but she’s able to slice through the field to the bottom of the hill. Meanwhile, narration from her father contemplates how she can’t make as much money as men when she grows up. Despite the dour tone at first, her dad eventually considers a better world for her.

Audi is buying ad time during the most expensive night of the year to promote equality to millions of people. Tackling the subject head-on could invite controversy, and the comments to this YouTube clip already suggest that some viewers don’t like the message. In an especially bold move, the company’s products barely even appear in the commercial. An S5 Sportback briefly shows up at the end, but it’s on screen for just a few seconds.

“With ‘Daughter,’ Audi continues to push the envelope with compelling storytelling on a national platform. Pay equality is a big message for a big stage,” Loren Angelo, Vice President of marketing at Audi of America, said in the company’s announcement of the commercial.

While it doesn’t get much screen time in this ad, the S5 Sportback goes on sale in the spring. Unlike the conventional S5 coupe, the Sportback has four doors and a liftback rear for easy cargo loading. Power comes from a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 with 354 horsepower (263 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton meters) of torque. It can get to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in a claimed 4.7 seconds. The driving performance also benefits from upgraded handling and braking. Inside, buyers can get Audi’s slick Virtual Cockpit digital instrument panel. The German automaker hasn’t announced pricing for it yet.

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Audi drives progress in Game Day spot with universal appeal

February 01, 2017 | HERNDON, Virginia

Audi returns to the big game with a 60-second spot called “Daughter” to air in the third quarter on Sunday, Feb. 5
Cinematic story delivers an emotional message about a father, his daughter and her future

Moving spot debuts the all-new Audi S5 Sportback and underscores the brand’s commitment to #DriveProgress

Audi returns to America’s biggest night in football with a powerful 60-second commercial called “Daughter.” Known for cinematic and memorable storytelling, Audi this year delivers a message of pay equality in the workplace, a theme of universal importance. “Daughter” will air on Sunday, Feb. 5 during the third quarter of the big game. San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners created the commercial. This year marks Audi’s ninth appearance at the game.

“With ‘Daughter,’ Audi continues to push the envelope with compelling storytelling on a national platform. Pay equality is a big message for a big stage,” said Loren Angelo, Vice President of marketing, Audi of America. “As a business built on bold innovation – from LED lighting to Audi quattro – progress is at the heart of what we do. We’re a brand that’s ahead of the curve and looking towards the future, just like our next generation of buyers.”

“Daughter” tells the emotional story of a young girl competing in a downhill cart race in her home town as her father looks on.  As she races around the track, her father contemplates whether his daughter’s worth is measured by her gender. He wonders, “What should I tell my daughter….that she will automatically be valued less than every man she’ll ever meet?” As he stands hopeful on the sidelines, watching her outwit her adversaries to win the race, he finds a new-found confidence, celebrating her victory and the tangible hope for equality in her bright future. The commercial concludes with a powerful message on “equal pay for equal work,” and that “progress is for everyone.”

“Daughter” can be viewed now at the Audi USA YouTube channel. The commercial was directed by Aoife McArdle, an award-winning filmmaker, and features the hashtag #DriveProgress, which Audi will use in the coming year to promote new and ongoing initiatives.

Audi of America is committed to supporting pay equality, inclusivity, and the growth and development of all employees. The company has publically pledged to support ongoing commitment to women’s pay equality in the workplace and to foster a work environment that drives equality for all employees. Audi also instituted a graduate internship program where 50 percent of enrollment must be female establishing greater equality for our future workforce.

The company also supports external initiatives to develop opportunities for women at the educational, career and leadership levels in art and film, STEM, and business that will inspire and secure the next generation of female leaders. Already this year, the brand collaborated with longtime partner AFI FEST to create the Audi Fellowship scholarship program, which will grant one promising female director AFI Conservatory enrollment. Audi has been the official automotive sponsor of AFI FEST for over 14 years.

Fans can follow the #DriveProgress story @Audi on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, Audi will launch a custom Snapchat filter nationally encouraging fans to participate in the #DriveProgress conversation by sharing their own stories.
The all-new 2018 Audi S5 Sportback Prestige featured in the commercial will be available in Spring 2017. For more information on the S5, please visit:

For nearly a decade, Audi of America has led with compelling stories on game day – from shooting for the moon in 2016 with “The Commander" to ending the vampire craze in 2013.  Engaging creative combined with actions to engage the socially active audience has been signature to the brand's actions by being the first brand to use a hashtag in a game day commercial in 2011 to allowing consumers to select the final ending in 2012.

Fans can follow @Audi on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and Audi USA on Facebook.