Though the company says the current AM-RB 001 concept is about "95 percent the final car," the actual production version of the highly-anticipated hypercar is still a ways off. Until then, the concept will be making its rounds at events around the world – most recently the International Automobile Festival in Paris this past weekend. It's the first time the car has been shown in public.

Thankfully, our photographers at Motor1 France were on hand to catch this stunning supercar in the sheet metal. Penned by Aston Martin with the help of Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer Adrien Newey, the over-the-top design was put on display for everyone to see.

Aston Martin AM-RB 001
Aston Martin AM-RB 001

As far as technical specifications are concerned, the car is rumored to have a 1,000-horsepower (746-kilowatt) engine and a curb weight of just 1,000 kilograms (2,240 pounds). "Nothing remotely like it has ever been tried on a road car," said project engineer David King. "The numbers we are getting in the simulation are amazing."

Reports point to a more potent 6.0- or 7.0-liter V12, likely with a Formula 1-style energy recovery system aiding in both power and efficiency. Top speed will be in excess of 250 miles per hour (402 kilometers per hour), says the automaker, and the car will have a ridiculous 4.5Gs of cornering ability. A bespoke, single-clutch sequential gearbox from Xtrac will also be fitted.

Aston Martin AM-RB 001

Sadly, all that extravagant performance will be limited to just 150 road-going examples, 25 track examples, each at a cost of $3 million… all of which have already been accounted for. Deliveries are expected to begin late in 2018. For now, enjoy the beauty of this nearly-finished supercar in more than 40 photos.


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