The first images of a production Volkswagen Golf GTI mkVI have surfaced. Some things have changed since the car debuted as a concept last year.

These are pictures of the production version, four-door Volkswagen Golf GTI mkVI, which have only just surfaced. Fans of the GTI Concept, introduced at last year's Paris Auto Show, will be happy to know the look is relatively unchanged.

Shown here, the four-door model looks to be part of a test market survey where people were brought in off the street. Some of you may recall that the concept debuted as a two-door model. Other differences include door panels that have been smoothed out at the bottom, making the car look less dramatic, and less prominent rocker panels.

Powered by the same 2.0-liter four cylinder TSI from the Scirocco, the GTI Concept got the benefit of 207 hp. This is an increase of over 10 hp than the MkV GTI. This engine also makes a more fuel efficient and cleaner GTI, despite its 148 mph top speed. The GTI Concept had such features as Adaptive Chassis control, giving driver-adjustable electronically controlled dampeners, the XDS limited slip differential, and electronic stabilisation.

Production of the Golf GTI is scheduled to begin this Spring. With a little luck, the Volkswagen Golf GTI mk VI will appear at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

[UPDATE] Official images from the site have been updated. We can expect official release and more photos soon. Thanks to member FP23 for the tip.

[CORRECTION 02.03.09] The images of the blue GTI above, which were sent to us via email tip, were in fact not taken during a market research clinic. They are instead the concept/production GTI on display in the baffling "white room" at Autostadt. The title of this story has been edited to reflect the new GTI images found on the Volkswagen UK site.

Officially, the series production GTI has not been announced yet. The GTI which debuted in Paris was "officially" a design study or concept as indicated in distributed VW literature to date despite being practically production ready and tagged with "Golf GTI" license plates.

VW Golf GTI VI Production Version Images Found on UK VW site