The Blue Oval is pushing mobility for this year's Super Bowl spot.

Ford’s "Go Further" slogan is more relevant than ever with the arrival of the Blue Oval’s latest Super Bowl ad. This year, the automaker isn't just showing off its range of new vehicles, but also a range of "long term mobility solutions" to go along with it.

The 90-second ad will air just before kickoff, and focuses on being 'unstuck.' The spot will center around Ford’s emphasis on mobility, including things like bike sharing, autonomous driving, plug-in hybrids. all to the tune of Nina Simone’s "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free."

According to The Detroit News, the goal of the commercial is to show buyers transportation and mobility solutions not typically associated with the brand. The ad spot picks up where Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford left off at the Detroit Auto Show, outlining his vision for the future with studies like Ford’s "City of Tomorrow" concept.

"We’ll always stay true to our core ... we’re always going to (make automobiles), that’s a very important part of our business, but as the landscape changes ... we want to be a part of that," said Elena Ford, vice president of global dealer and consumer experience. "We want to showcase to customers what our ideas are, and we want to gain feedback from them."

The Super Bowl spot also coincides with the opening of the new FordHub in New York City, which will act as an "interactive brand experience" for customers, and show the company’s expanded focus on mobility. This year’s ad will be the first the company has aired since 2014, which saw James Franco and Rob Riggle promoting the new Fusion.


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