Back in June 2015, several patent images (see images below) allegedly depicting a mid-engine Honda/Acura sports car emerged onto the web to spark rumors about a much-awaited S2000 revival. Later the same year, there was an article in Auto Express about Honda’s plan to revive the beloved nameplate for a new model scheduled to arrive in 2018.


There is one more reason to believe the S2000 is set to make a return. In July 2015, Honda briefly had on display at the Mountain View Research Park in California a sports car concept similar in design to what the patent images are showing. Hopefully that was a sign of things to come.

Possible Honda S2000 concept

Fast forward to present day, a report coming from Japan’s Holiday Auto magazine indicates the S2000 is indeed coming back to slot between the tiny S660 and the NSX supercar. It’s apparently set for a 2018 launch when Honda will celebrate its 70th birthday and at the same time 20 years since the debut of the original first-gen S2000 roadster. While the initial plan was to install the Civic Type R’s turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine, it is believed the sports car will get a much more interesting powertrain and a “unique chassis.”

Possible Honda S2000 patent
Possible Honda S2000 patent

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A newly developed turbocharged gasoline engine will be at the heart of Honda’s new S2000 and will allegedly feature an electrically driven supercharger to cut fuel consumption in comparison to a conventional biturbo engine and at the same time virtually remove turbo lag. It is believed the technology will be in many ways similar to Mitsubishi’s system and in this application it will give the mid-engine sports car a total output of more than 320 horsepower (238 kilowatts) channeled to the road through an eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. Sadly, there’s no word at this point about the availability of a manual gearbox.

The third-generation Honda S2000 is expected to arrive in September 2018 at the Paris Motor Show or later the same year in Los Angeles with an estimated starting price of $50,000. If the S2000 is set to make a return, we won’t be too surprised if Honda will introduce a concept later this year to preview the road-going model. Perhaps the one illustrated in our speculative render, which is accurately based on the patent designs.

Source: Holiday Auto via Car & Driver

Render: Automedia

Gallery: Possible Honda S2000 patent images

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