A newly leaked photo on Instagram is giving us an undisguised look at the McLaren P14 in gorgeous Volcano Orange before the 650S successor officially debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March. McLaren has reportedly been showing off the new model at private events in an effort to collect pre-orders. Given the large number of people standing around the vehicle in this image, the picture possibly came from one of these previews.

The P14 is absolutely gorgeous even in this low-resolution photo and the poor lighting. The highly sculpted profile shows clear cues from the P1 hypercar, especially the sharp crease over the rear fender. The black canopy contrasts well with the brightly colored body and serves to give the supercar an airy looking cockpit by concealing the pillars.

Oddly, This P14 appears to lack headlight covers over the LEDs. In previous spy shots the model has a tiny, clear covering over the lights. However, it’s hard to tell whether that has to do with the quality and angle of this photo or if they really are not there.

The new supercar looks to be an impressive step forward in McLaren styling. The profile is identical to the photos of an uncamouflaged example from last year, so the rest of the design might also be the same. A complex shape at the rear features many contours and outlets for managing air flow. High-mounted exhausts exit about the bumper, and the positioning leaves room for a large diffuser, which should improve the aerodynamics even more.

McLaren P14 spy photo


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While this photo doesn’t really show the interior, a previous spy shot reveals it to be a driver-focused cabin. A digital display sits in the instrument cluster, and the whole thing reportedly moves downward for better outward visibility when the driver engages the track mode.

2018 McLaren P14 spy photo


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P14 is just McLaren’s codename for the new supercar, and the latest rumors suggest its actual moniker is the 720S. Power reportedly comes from a new 4.0-liter version of McLaren’s biturbo V8. If McLaren follows the company’s normal model naming scheme, the powerplant would produce 710 horsepower (720 metric horsepower). 

As the successor to the 650S and the new benchmark for McLaren’s Super Series models, you can expect many more variants of the P14 in the future. Rumors indicate the company is prepping a more powerful hybrid version, and a convertible is practically a certainty at some point, too. 


Source: Instagram

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