The Maserati GranTurismo is reportedly due for retirement in 2017, but if you happen to find a showroom clearing out inventory of the coupe, Liberty Walk can now update the styling with a wild body kit. Following the Japanese aftermarket firm’s usual outrageous aesthetic, the upgrades give the GranTurismo bulging fenders at the front and rear.

Liberty Walk’s Works kit for the GranTurismo makes the Italian sports coupe look ready to compete in a drift event. A ground-scraping front splitter connects to wider front fenders with exposed fasteners holding it on. New side sills connect the broader look rearward where the fenders gain some serious girth. A prominent lip spoiler on the trunk continues the over-the-top aesthetic, and Liberty Walk caps off the kit with a revised diffuser.

Maserati GranTurismo Liberty Walk

Maserati’s marketing positions the brand as offering performance with a dash of luxury. There’s nothing opulent or understated about this kit, though. In usual Liberty Walk style, the company’s design uses a shock and awe technique. If someone buys a body kit this gaudy, the person is definitely looking for attention from all the traffic on the road.

Liberty Walk’s Works kit is now available in the United Kingdom. Be ready to shell out 10,230 pounds ($12,825) for the fiberglass version that fits the MC Stradale or 12,150 pounds ($15,235) for it to accommodate the standard Granturismo. The pieces are also available in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic at 12,230 pounds ($15,335) or 14,150 pounds ($17,740) for the respective models. The individual parts are also available for order separately. An optional AirRexx Digital Air Suspension for 6,499 pounds lets buyers drop the Maserati’s stance over the wheels at the press of a button.

Maserati GranTurismo Liberty Walk

A Maserati sports coupe reportedly won’t be in the lineup again until at least 2020 when a model looking somewhat like the Alfieri concept will debut. Instead, the brand will focus its range on the Levante SUV, Ghibli sedan, and larger Quattroporte four-door.

Source: Liberty Walk

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Liberty Walk Europe. New Product Information For Immediate
Wednesday 25th January 2017
Liberty Walk Europe Announces New Body Conversion Options For
Maserati GranTurismo
It’s hard to argue that these days, Maserati is making some simply fabulous cars. But what though, if your shapely
GranTurismo just doesn’t cut it for you? What if that subtle Italian styling just isn’t enough? In that case, you need to look
further east, where Japanese internet breakers Liberty Walk have unveiled their traffic-stopping new kit for this superb
As you might expect of a firm that's built its reputation on raw aggression and over the top styling, the new kit is not for
the faint hearted! Maseratis fitted with the firm’s new Works kit will have the power to stop traffic, slacken jaws and make
even the loudest and most in-your-face of supercars cower, so it’s ideally suited to this stunning slice of slick Italian
attitude and owners that don’t want a ‘me too’ motor.
Liberty Walk’s all new Works kit is formed from high grade glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), a material that’s malleable
enough to be formed into wild, extreme arches, scoops and intakes, yet strong enough to shrug off the hustle and bustle
of modern day driving. The kit features bulging arches, a jutting front lip, and a mean-as-hell ‘ducktail’ spoiler, and an
impressive rear venturi design -enough to gift this already menacing car with levels of latent aggression that are hard to
put into words. The kit is also available piecemeal, allowing Maserati owners the option of buying the whole lot, or
replacement parts if needed. A carbon reinforced plastic kit is also available for those looking for the ultimate in styling,
strength and lightness.
The kit embodies all that's great and good about Liberty Walk, and it has been painstakingly developed to fit the big
Maserati precisely, accentuating its arches and aggressive styling traits. The complex design process employed in the
creation of all Liberty Walk products ensures that fitment should be a straightforward affair for any trained bodyshop,
while the end result is all but guaranteed to stop traffic and draw admiring glances left right and centre, particularly when
paired with AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension for a perfect stance coupled with a practical driving experience.
Liberty Walk's latest creation can be fitted to all specifications of GranTurismo – rendering the recipient vehicle an instant
internet sensation. If you really want to drive something truly different, Walk Free!
Liberty Walk UK has these kits available from stock for immediate delivery.
LB★WORKS complete body kit (MC Stradale) – £10,230.00
LB★WORKS GRANTURISMO complete body kit (Other) – £12,150.00
LB★PERFORMANCE GRANTURISMO complete body kit – £8,000.00
LB Front Diffuser – £1,850.00
LB Side Diffuser – £1,300.00
LB Rear Diffuser – £1,690.00
LB Rear Wing ver.2 – £1,230.00
LB★WORKS complete body kit (MC Stradale) – £12,230.00
LB★WORKS GRANTURISMO complete body kit (Other) – £14,150.00
LB★PERFORMANCE GRANTURISMO complete body kit – £10,000.00
LB Front Diffuser – £2,460.00
LB Side Diffuser – £1,770.00
LB Rear Diffuser – £2,150.00
LB Rear Wing ver.2 – £1,690.00
Maserati Gran Turismo – £6499.00

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